Monday, October 09, 2006

A few of my favourite things...

I came to England to understand the mother tongue, to understand the mother culture and to simply to see more of the world. Several things grabbed my fancy and several things needed explaining; now let's see what they are:

Get pissed, have a curry!

Okay, I don't know about you, but after a night on the turps, the last thing I want is a Rogan Josh upsetting the fine balance between respectability and decorating the pavement. I couldn't understand the desire. Now I don't know if it is the English way of life or something in the water, but I still can't understand why people want a curry after boozing; however, all I know is that I want one!

While out with some work colleagues on Friday night, the suggestion to go and get a curry was floated about 11.30, and you know what? I wanted one. My whole thoughts about curries while boozing have, without me knowing it, changed. In fact after getting home (minus the curry) I did the cheeky Mc Donalds run at midnight, but it just didn't feel right. I wanted that curry.


Sandwiches. They are everywhere. Pre-packaged sandwiches cut in half are everywhere. National delicacy. You'll find them in supermarkets, service stations, corner stores, railways stations, anywhere. There are even shops dedicated to the humble pre-packaged sandwich. And once again, I love them. So many to choose. Your humble ham and salad or your alluring ploughman's. Or maybe the shrimp, avocado and mayonnaise is more your style, which brings me to my next point.

Tomato sauce and mayonnaise

"You know what they put on French fries in France?"
"No. What?"

Well people it ain't just the French. Pubs, bars, cafes, whatever, you order chips, you get two serving bowls. One has tomato sauce while another has mayonnaise.
In fast food stores the mayonnaise sits proud next to the tomato sauce. But it works. Give it a try. Well actually don't. UK mayo tastes different. Touch creamier than its Aussie counterpart and not as tangy, so it's more of a bernaise if you will.

I still think the English are just trying to be French. I don't understand why eat mayonnaise to pretend to be French, just don't shower.

British queues

Yes you heard me, queues. What are you on about Bart I hear. It's not so much the queue, or that really is a past time here, it's the order in the waiting. Please come with me on this journey.

I arrive at the train station one day to find that only two out of nine ticket windows are open. For the benefit of foreign readers I must explain that only two ticket windows are open all the time, except during very busy times...then only one is open.
Now in many countries, two things would happen. Either there would be a massive push and shove to get in front for the next spot (Eastern Europe) or two queues will form (Aus).
Now the problem with two queues is queue envy. One may move faster than your's, you get jealous and jump in to that one, and then the one you were in previously goes faster, uurrrggghhhh!
Here in Britain; however, the waiting customers spontaneously come up with a much more sensible answer. One single form line a few feet back from both windows, along the side so as not to interupt foot traffic, no pushing in and no complaining. And it just happens, with no discernable leader. And it's everywhere - banks, tube, brothel - I mean church, etc. Truly amazing.

Aussies know how to swim from the age of 3 weeks, English know how to queue.

These are a few of my favourite things...

Yep, just those four things.

Also, on Saturday I decided to do some shopping. It was boring. So then Glasso and I decided to play tourists, it was much better.

Crazy Mexicans asking us to take photos was the highlight of my week!


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