Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 22: Early bird gets the worm

Rising early on Monday it felt good to be up before everyone else. An annoucement that had to take place before 7am got me in to work at 6.30 - which isn't as bad as it sounds. With the Tube and National Rail being as congested as your average American's lower colon, a sense of space was good.

From then on in it was work, work, work all day, with only a few breaks to take a look at the 80-odd inch plasma TV that has been installed hanging from the roof right in front of me (streaming Sky News).

My Mondays are usually pretty boring - on purpose. It's my evening to rest, do my shopping, iron my shirts, etc. Even though I'm out every other night, when you spend a night at home you invariably feel like a loser.

Staying at home - it's the cool thing to do

So I couldn't do it. A long jog around Battersea Park to clear my head after the weekend and at least I felt I had achieved something.


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