Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 15 - Monday is funday

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays indeed. Sunday night I slept like a baby – waking up every 5 minutes crying and looking for a tit. So come Monday morning I wasn’t in the best of conditions and thoroughly contemplating a sickie. Compounding this is, is the fact that the past month of go-go-go has put a bit of a strain on me and I think I’m coming down with a bit of a chest infection.

How come certain people tend to get the same thing when they catch a cold? For example, mine always turns out to be a chest infection. Some people get the throat, others get blocked up, while some have a fever. Some poor saps cop the whole lot, but mine tends to only be the chest. So struggling through work I actually managed to get a lot done, because me moving from my desk was as likely as Iranian knowing the lyrics to Jingle Bells.

I met up with a Leah, Kasi and Nadia at Hot Stuff after work, a pretty tip top Indian restaurant in Vauxhall for a ding dong smash ‘em down curry to burn out the little blighters who are trying to make me sick. The curry wasn’t very hot but damn it tasted good. And with Nadia having gone out with an Indian man in her past life and Leah an expert of all things Hot Stuff, the menu was selected with great precision (although for a little blond girl, Nadia really did a good impersonation of a hoover).

Getting home at 9.00pm there was only one way to cheer myself – international travel. So after a previous morning discussion with Coomba – we decided to booked a trip to Libijuana, the capital of Slovenia

Bed by 10pm, and with the help of Mel’s glorious sleeping table (Mel’s a flight attendant so has some good knock ‘em out supplies) I finally got the first 8 hour sleep I think I’ve had since coming to the UK. However I had some fucked up dreams and woke tired. Come on Tuesday, bring it on you bitch.


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