Friday, May 25, 2007

Note from the author


Hope you've enjoyed the past week of my life. This weekend in the UK is a bank holiday long weekend and I'm off to play football in Bristol and then a road trip to Gloucester to chase a wheel of cheese down a steep, steep hill, so there won't be any updates until Tuesday afternoon for us in the Northern Hemmisphere or Wednesday morning for you down south. The next one will be an amalgamation of Friday, the weekend and Monday to keep you all up to date. Including such highlights as:

  • The usual Friday night stories
  • Football trip to Bristol and the shennanigans afterwards
  • Travelling country-England in a campervan
  • The Gloucester cheese race
  • Much, much more!
So until Tuesday/Wednesday kick back, have a glass of wine and let your hair down for a few days, just like me.


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous LaLa said...

I await the next post with bated.. fingers so to speak. Unless you just end up being a slack tart like Beef.

Enjoy your weekend Barty.


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