Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 5 - There's always someone worse off

Waking up Thursday morning I wondered why my head was throbbing and I felt like I had been kicked in the guts. Then I remembered the 8 pints of Guiness followed by the post-soccer ame analysis on ITV back home. But despite that, I got out of bed at 6am, stretched a little, went for a run and finished it off with a nice bowl of fruit and yoghurt... well I would have if I was Reece 'pansy' Collins (little in joke for my football friends).

Falling out of bed and struggling to the shower, I was lamenting the tube ride and copped a whiff of my hair from the night before - I can't wait for the no smoking indoors law to come in 1 July - I banged my head on the door frame, nearly fell in the shower and when I went to put deodorant on I squirted myself with shaving cream: good morning.

I thought I was unlucky until I saw this story

Poor bugger. Drowned in the Murray, which for those not from Aus, a large river that flows between Victortia and New South Wales, marking the border. The unlucky part is that this once mighty river has been reduced to a stream, and in some places just a dirt bed, as the worst drought on record continues in to its 5th year back home. These poor blokes seemed to have found the only wet part and drowned in it. My day, in a morbid way, improved.

I've put myself on a strict food regiment as well. With summer here, the beaches of Spain a few weeks away and a triathlon to compete in at the start of August, I had to forgo my usual post-session bacopn sarnie and opt for the Blueberry, mango and honey smoothie with a banana - this is actually true. So a grumpy day of work was had.

A grumpier day continued when I was offered tickets to go and see Too many DJs in Shoreditch and I had to turn it down due to previous plans. This week was not panning out well. Onwards and upwards. Twenty minutes later I was all set to go the Australian Embassy to get some document stamped as originals, that was until I looked on their website and read that they only approved documents between the hours of 9.30am and 11.30am. Now...

When I got here I had recruiters telling me left, right and centre that I would have no problem getting a job because Australians are perceived as hard working, and this is correct. Except when you are an Aussie working for Aussies, then it becomes a 'fuck that' attitude. I swear I'd prefer to rely on the bank than I would the Aussies working for Australia House. When you have 300,000 Australians in the country, does it really seem helpful that you only offer them a service for two hours a day, five days a week?

Throwing my frustrations to the wind I went to football training after work. Afterwards the team selection is a highlight. This week the South London Demons are on a road trip to Bristol - which is basically a party trip. Honoured by being named Vice Captain, I've decided I'll be in bed by at least 5am on Friday night/Saturday morning so I have had plenty of sleep for the team bus at 11am. But anyway, a boozy night at our sponsor's pub saw me back home at midnight - didn't get a kebab or KFC (strict eating plan) - and the pattern of good movies on late continued, with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Another thing on proximity: the bridge that they throw the guns off at the end of the film is Putney bridge. I run over that at least twice a week.


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