Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 2 - Monday morning blues

Monday was an unusual Monday after my Sunday night effort, I was actually in bed by 11pm, a record three hours earlier than my previous earliest Sunday night so I was proud. In fact I got a lot of sleep this weekend so I wasn’t my usual 'quiet until midday-Monday Bart'. Everyone was shocked.

So rather than wanting to murder every man, woman and child on the tube, I was actually a smiling little fool. Now work really is simply work, so I’m not going to go in to it too much. Arriving for work is a pretty good part to my day as I sit on the top floor of the 12-storey building which is a bizarre looking thing on the city skyline (photos here). But the best part is the glass elevators, gives you a great view with your morning coffee.

Also Monday will go down as booking-a-thon Monday. In the space of forty minutes, tickets were purchased for:

Barcelona – running with the bulls
Munich – Oktoberfest
Palma (Mallorca) – Football trip
V-Festival – two day festival featuring The Killers, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, blah, blah blah. Basically when Jet, Lily Allen and Kanye West are fourth or fifth on their individual’s stage list, you’re in for some fun.
Global Gathering – a huge two day dance festival in Straford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare would have been so proud.

Was an expensive day, particularly when I can’t actually reap the benefits just yet!

But anyway, after looking at my Highly Skilled Migrant application I realised that trying to figure it all out was doing my head in, so I’ll have to go to an intermediary to represent me top the home office, but they charge £800 for basically stapling you application and putting it in an envelope. So I decided to call Leah instead. The deal was done. She’d help me with the application, Kasi (her sister and flatmate) would cut my hair, and I’d cook them dinner. Volia. Night with the Duggans.

Now Kasi and Leah are sisters from Tasmania - poor kids - and you could not imagine any larger difference. Just take a look.Imagine Monica and Racheal in the early friends episodes, and you have these two.

Leah (brunette) is an accountant, straight forward, will always tell you what she thinks and is quite well organised – think Monica.

Casi (blonde) is a hairdresser, more aloof, known for her random random statements and can make some loud sounds for such a little girl – think Racheal.

You never really know what you're going to get when you're around the two of them. So after a dinner, which took a fairly long tine to cook, it was out of the Duggans' house, two lefts and a right, 10 minute walk and I was back home. Safe in my own house I had to hide in my room and lock the door as Coomba - a podiatrist - tried in vain to show me a big toe in formaldehyde that he had amputated that day. I went to bed.


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There is a present waiting under your pillow...


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