Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pre-season success!!!

Football season has begun and what a way to start it. The past few weeks have seen a great turn out to training with a sense of enthusiasm and buzz of expectancy in the air. With that feeling it was time to head down to Acton to participate in the Anzac Sports Day.

Ninety-three years ago on the beaches of Gallipoli, a combined force of Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed to fight the Turkish. There are many celebrations in London to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp’s (ANZAC) landing, one of which is this sports day, where the great grandsons and grand daughters of these brave souls take to a field in Acton…and beat the living shit out of each other in Rugby Union, Touch, League, Netball and Aussie Rules. As the Kiwis don’t have the required frontal lobe intelligence to play Aussie Rules, this becomes the BARFL Pre-season Cup, where the teams that make up the BARFL compete in a round-robin tournament with 10 minute halves.
An easy win over Sussex saw the Demons face off with the old enemy West London Wildcats during our pool game, which we unfortunately lost. Next up were the Putney Magpies for a must win game – the team we removed from the semi final last year by 22 points. A hard contested game that saw Matty Smith wipe the dust off his guns and come out showing his tree trunks caused quite a stir, but the Demons that came out on top by one point.
The first final saw us play North London, who out up a hard performance, but through some great midfield turn work and the fast pace of Allo, Reesa and the other Frankston boys (use to running away from smash and grabs) were left wanting. The Demons were off to the grand final with West London.

The game began with great play from both teams, but it was clear from the get go that the excitement that had been hanging in the air over Clapham Common for the past few weeks was starting to be felt by all the players. Despite some dubious decision behind the goals, the combination of Jezza Coomb’s crucial marks, Sparkles along the wing and Prowsey all over the field saw the momentum going with the Demons. A point by Sparkles with 30 seconds to go put the Demons up by one point. A rushed kickout by the Wildcats and superior air supremacy that resembled the Luftwaffe saw Prowsey take the mark, and, to use another war analogy, let loose with a torpedo that would make a U-Boat jealous, that sailed through for a goal. That was it! The siren sounded and the pre-season cup was back with the boys from the South.
Off to the Alex to continue with the celebrations. The cup was passed around with all the boys happy to take some big, big swigs. Prowsey was named our best player for the day and received the Norm Smith cap for his efforts, but realistically it was the efforts of all 30 players who took part in the day that made this achievable. Not to mention all the great support we had from physios (Roy), goal umpires, boundary umpires and general well-wishers.
Yes that's a trophy on my head, and yes my t-shirt say 'I love Frankston'

So the Alex for a night of celebrations, then onto the Swan and other establishments for certain members. Some absurd dance moves, Frankston shirts, song renditions and general revelry abounded and we truly deserved it. The skills on the field, the camaraderie in the celebrations and buzz at training is making this season look like it’s going to be one of the most successful in the club’s history.
More photos here.


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