Monday, May 21, 2007

On day 1, God created Bart

So here we go ladies and gentleman, 31 blogs in 31 days. So, what should we talk about? Well seeing as this is an attempt to keep the world aware of what is going on in the world of Bart, let’s start with the weekend.

On Friday our department went out to clean up an inner city park for charity. I got covered in heavy duty paint. I had to wash my face with paint stripper. It didn’t feel nice. So we all went out and had a drink.

Now it’s very funny to see your work colleagues outside of work, and with both my managers being aware of my blog, I’ll stop there.

Waking up hung-over Saturday morning I scrambled out of bed, well kind of fell, realising that I had 20 minutes to get down to Clapham Junction station to get a train with the rest of the team to play the old enemy West London.

A tough game in all three grades resulted in three losses unfortunately. A few injuries were the result of the day with my finger coming out second best in a tackle and a corked arse when a person fell on me knee first. The worst thing about a corked arse is that after playing a full game of football you really want to sit down…not happening. But it does afford you to come up with such school boy jokes as:

‘Bart, why are you limping.’
‘Took a shot in the arse’

So many of us went back to the Alex to sink our sorrows, but unfortunately a few of the guys were a little bit too rowdy, resulting in us being cut off. Now you know when your sponsors cut you off you may be a little too loud, so off we went to The Falcon for a few more drinks before I peeled away from the group and the Chinese DVD sellers to see some friends at The Clapham North.

Several drinks later I was ready for bed after feeling a little sun stroked all night and my finger was throbbing. On the way home, the obligatory KFC run was at the top of my mind. I was filled with surprise when waiting for my order, a few of the boys showed up, including my flatmate – at least I was going home with someone. I was even more surprised when Micheal ‘Meat’ Mehan vaulted the counter, pushed the man behind the register out of the way and started serving people. After doing this 5 of 6 times, the joke was over and it was home time, well not before tried to convince Oz that the Eastern European he was chatting up was most likely a man or had been a man in the past. More on that Wednesday.
Sunday: head pounding again. Why do I do this to myself…oohhh, time to get up, Kayley’s leaving drinks. Kayley is off to work on the Mediterranean luxury yachts for a few months so Sunday was drinks to say goodbye. Now Kayley is an absolute sweet heart, the kind of girl you wouldn’t take home to Mum as Mum would abuse you if you ever broke up with her. A right good egg who I’m, sure we will all miss (free yacht trips Kayls??).


So around to her place for a few drinks first and then off to the Fulham Pitcher and Piano. A 3.30pm start saw me come out the blocks power drinking. By 9pm I knew I was in trouble. Half way through speaking to someone, I was doing the old swaying and may have happened to stumble forward only to head but her right in the boob. Wasn’t my finest hour. I feel I recovered quite well by saying ‘that’s the first, last and only time I’m ever going to touch them isn’t it?’ She agreed. I decided to take myself home.

After misplacing my keys, I once again called my flatmate Holly to let me in. Three times in the past week. My bed was waiting and it was fresh sheet night. The joy.


At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Bart - I wouldnt go that far :)especially after that photo - snakebites and 15 hour long epic pub crawls - hmmm not very lady like me thinks hehe

Im going to miss you champ and all the crew!! Thanks to the ski fest bunch and brunette brigade for the last 6 months of drunken memories and a few sober one in there too...going to miss you all!! Look after each other :)

But at least I have the the Blog to refer too when im alone at sea hehe

Keep smiling everyone and happy summer travels!! See you all soon

Luv Kayles xo

p.s for all those who came on Sunday - thanks and bye bye for now :)

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't realise carrying the drinks could be such a dangerous job!

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous LaLa said...

Clean sheet night is my favourite night of the week.


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