Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 3 - Where's all the time gone?

A nice dinner with the Duggans on Tuesday night, as well as Leah’s friend Nadia – who lived in Melbourne and I swear I’ve met her before – and I was awake and ready for the day. A sunny, clear London day greeted me as I slowly unlocked my door and peeked in to the hall. I rarely lock my door, but I didn’t trust Coomba and his severed toe not to make an appearance next to my bed in the middle of the night (see Tuesday’s blog).

Now a sunny day in the UK is glorious. Well, it starts that way. It’s when you get on public transport that you realise it’s a curse. So overheating, sweaty and once again annoyed with the world, I made it into work.

The usual day ensued.

Now Tuesdays and Thursdays used to be my favourite days as after work I could go to footy training, run around and have a laugh, but over the past month I’ve become too busy to even make training. It really is very annoying. Thankfully the Demons have entered another team in to the league, The South London Demons. This team is for those guys who simply can’t make training or have a huge night planned before a game and simply won’t be in the frame of mind to face a proper game.

That guy second from the left at the front is hot!

The first official game was two weeks ago, where we triumphed over the Bounds Green Lions by 47 points, with me kicking 2.2 for the game (celebrations on YouTube). But more importantly, the first goal for the new league was kicked by no other than yours truly. In 40 years time, the record books will show me as the first goal kicker, first multiple scorer and first to admit that this really won’t mean shit to anyone other than me.

Good fun playing social football. I guess my frenetic schedule is a blessing in disguise. But back on to my Tuesday.

A quiet Tuesday at work, a few drinks in the evening (sun's out so everyone and anyone goes to the pub after work), back home for a run before wrapping it up with a late dinner watching a Gordan Ramsey cooking show where he said fuck at least 19 times before the first commercial break. Nice.


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Luke said...

er, that should be third from the left, mate.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Bart said...

Nah - he's got curly hair. No one likes curly hair.


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