Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 12 - Move on, nothing to see here

No train problems this morning, although football training the night before was a pool session, but in a pool hall, not a swimming pool. You know when they say team bonding session you're always going to feel bad the next day!

After spending 20 minutes at work I had to leave for Australia House to get a few tid bits for my visa. This is where my day went a little pear shaped. All I needed was a stamp on a bank statement – that’s all. It took more than an hour! With four people in front of me I thought it would be speedy, until I noticed that all these people were carrying fairly large documents. The security guard saw my plight and said I could go in front of several people – then he went on break! The new security guard didn’t believe me when I told him the story.

So rushing back to work I sat down and started to get on with it. Until I realised I didn’t have my phone. Calling the number I found out I had left it at the High Commission. So back there I went.

So let’s recap. Two trips to the High Comission, all four times I just missed the tube (that's there and back twice for you smart cookies), finally getting back to the office at 2pm went to get my traditional roast lamb sandwich – but no lamb left – and to top it all off my current boss was out having lunch with old boss. Who knows what one said to the other!

Fuck this, I’m going home early and hiding until I have to meet Cam at a pub at 7 tonight. Bah!


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