Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 16 - Feed a cold, starve a fever

Tuesday the cold caught up with me. On Monday I thought I had licked it. Some warm whiskey with lemon, a shit load of vitamin C and a sleeping pill put me out like a light for about 10 hours, but alas it didn't want to go away. But with too much work on I went in anyway. About midday I knew this wasn't going to happen, as everytime I sneezed my screen needed window washers.

Why, after putting my body through the ringer for at least 2 months, I get a cold now. I tell you what it is - as soon as you stop, you fall. On Sunday night, rather than continuing my weekend bender, I went home at 9.30pm. School boy error. Should have continued on until late.

So about 3pm I left work. On Wednesday I had an appointment with the immigration adviser, so I thought bugger it, kill two birds with one stone and go in and see them today. I'm sure there are parts of the application that may be difficult, but I was pretty much telling this guy what I needed to supply as opposed to him telling me. I guess if you have read the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme legislation you probably know it as good as the advisors (it's only 24 pages).

'But Bart, not everyone reads the legislation.'

If you're applying for something titled Highly Skilled you better be highly skilled enough to know to read the legislation and not leave it to someone on a pittance wage to do everything for you and you not to have a clue. And they charge you 750 pounds for it.

Anyway, after the interview I went home and watched Spiderman 3 on a pirated DVD.

Whinging Spiderman, get over your woman issues - if you've got 8 hands you don't need a damn woman.


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