Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 17 - Sickie

Got up this morning and got ready for work. Halfway to Vauxhall after I sneezed on a strangers' (and yes I meant that as plural), I thought fuck this, I'm going home. There's no way I'm going to pass this on to the whole office - I'll hear about it for weeks. Now I could tell you about my day, but it would basically be about using my laptop and Blackberry to continue work from home and going to the supermarket. I don't like being alone. I get bored.

I even started to talking to the cat....we don't even have I cat, I just pretended to talk to one I was that bored. When the maid came (yes we have a maid come in) I started speaking to her. She actually told me she had to stop talking to do her work - and she barely speaks English! I don't know how my ex-, Naomi, did it. When she used to come home for lunch when I was working at home and she was working locally, I would've been like a ADHD 3 year-old on speed.

Anyway, for the next two hours I couldn't turn away from the TV. On Sky they have FHM Music TV. Basically any hot girl film clip is on there. After two hours I could not take anymore Girls Aloud (if any severn year olds are reading this, Sarah's my favourite I don't care what you say!) or Pussycat Dolls, I needed to turn off, they were killing me.

Damn that Sarah Harding and her hypnotic moves!

This is when I turned on my facebook. Now come on all, tell me you're not on facebook yet. If you're not, apparently you're a loser. There's nothing more satisdying than seeing your little ticker go up when you get a new friend (I'm about to get 100 - yay me). People go on about how it brings them in touch with their old friends, etc. Now Dr. Bart is going to get on his high horse and analyse. Stand back:
Bullshit. Are you seriously telling me that the person who you went to primary school with who found you over facebook is anything more than a name in your directory right now? After catching up briefly, asking if they know anyone from school still and saying you much catch up - have you made an effort to? No. Facebook and these sites are the modern day equivalent of bumping in to someone in the pub who you used to know and having the awkward: 'hey, we should do this again'.

If anything it limits you socially, as you start 'meeting' so many people (by meeting I mean simply adding them as a friend) and still catching up with the same people you usually do. If you do make the effort to catch up with them, most likely you won't see them again after that, and you've fobbed off your real mate to see an old one to make yourself feel like everyone has this connection and you'll be friends forever. It's not Degrase Junior High people. You know why? Because that's life. Plain and simple. If you wanted to stay in touch with others, you would have.

Rant over. Next week, digital cameras in nightclubs/bars!!!!

So with no one to talk to all day my flatmates finally got home, I was like an excited puppy - I nearly peed. Coomba didn't know what hit him, Gill and Holly were a little taken a back, but I really felt sorry for Coomba's missus, Maria. As she has only been seeing him for a month or two, she has yet to a) hear all my stories and b) is too polite to tell me to shut up. Poor girl, didn't know to do.

I took myself to bed about 10.30 so her ears would stop bleeding.


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