Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 23: Pain in the arse

Fresh from my large run on Monday night, I woke early and went to the gym.

Now I gave myself an hour in the gym as I’m on a new fitness regime, and running in a team triathlon in August is forcing me to go through with it. After 30 minutess and not having seen the inside of a gym for a good few weeks, I could barely life my arms, sorry, sorry, I mean my guns.

Showering was difficult as I could barely soap up I hurt too much, and for some reason when I asked a shower full of naked men who wanted to soap me, everyone seemed to look at me funny; although some didn’t. Hobbling to work I wondered why on earth I just did that - but I did feel good.

After a fairly large day at work on Monday and getting only 4 or 5 hours sleep due to this new god-awful fitness kick, the day was a struggle and football training on Tuesday night wasn’t the easiest either. Although Steak Club was. Formed by Coomba, Crowey and Stevey, steak club is an excuse for blokes to talk bloke stuff and drink beer and eat beef! Held after training on a Tuesday night, it's glorious.

A few Moosehead beers (a beverage I haven’t touched since first year University) a 14oz steak and baked potoato and I was happy again. And in all honesty it was the best steak I have had in the UK and close to the Top 5 I’ve had – I could actually cut it with a fork (which was good as it took forever to get my knife)!

About 10.30pm we left Bodeans. Coomba went left at Clapham Junction, and I went right up Lavender Hill to the Tasmanians' house. A few drinks to say goodbye to Kasi – who is leaving to Aus for three weeks – a discussion with Luke and Ash about rugby league being up there Tibetan yodelling in terms of how many supporters it has, blinded by Leah’s pyjamas and trying to recall if I had actually spoken to Adrian on Sunday night – and it was time to go home.

Limping home (tweaked my hamstring at training) and I was in bed by 12.30. But that wasn’t before I read the football match report I wrote for three games I didn’t even see – amazing the bullshit I can make up with a few statistics, 60% of people know that - read it for yourself.


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