Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 24: I'm on top of the world

Wednesday was a typical day apart from the hamstring blowing up and feeling like I’d been shot. A massive steam followed by drinks and a late night meant the morning was another spent pondering what on earth I was doing awake. But then I understood why I had to get up. I have a mission. To destroy Tessa Heal.

Know thy enemy - Tessa on my left

Now Tessa is an ex-Sunday Times journo from back home and we are going tit for tat on how man y times we can get ourselves or our writing in to TNT (the antipodean rag that I mentioned in a previous post). Now my number one way is to write postcards from where I’ve been. My tally now stands at three – Croatia, Berlin – and now New York:

Funny story though; the guy on the right hand side of the page mentions a big house party. I was actually at that – no idea who the guy is though.

Anyway a busy day and then off to a summer party for work. These things pop-up very frequently between June to early August and it seems near every night you heading off to another corporate drinks. So about 7pm I found myself on a rooftop bar in Trafalgar square with Nelson’s Common on my left, the London eye right in front of me and Westminster on my right – pretty good view (although everyone else got to look at me so their view was better).

A very, very drunken Bart fell home at 1am and was in all sorts falling asleep. I actually though at one stage I might need to do the old bucket by the bed. Serves me right for not eating and mixing drinks.


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