Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 25 & 26: Cocktails take you up, morning brings you down

The cocktail party hurt my head as I got to bed at 1am on a school night, but at least the weekend was around the corner.

An early rise to take advantage of a lovely morning had me going for a 6am jog. Arriving back at 6.30 I got down on the floor to do some sit-ups….and fell asleep. Waking in my own sweaty clothes on the carpet at 7.30am, it was a rush to get ready and in to work. So much for the early rising.

A bacon and egg roll before work and I was ready to hit the day again. Football training on Thursday night was a hard session of lawn bowls and beers on Clapham South bowling green, and was just what I needed instead of an early night and wholesome, healthy dinner!!!
The Thursday night once again startled to disappear in a jumble of laughs at the team selection – but what did I care about team selection – I was off to Cambridge for Emma’s going away, so I was out anyway. I managed to get home at a reasonable hour of 11.30pm ready for the Friday.

Let me tell you, writing a blog a day is tricky work, mainly keeping up with everything. So I guess I’ll incorporate a quick Friday in here too.

Feeling a little refreshed due to not having a huge night the night before I managed to make it to the gym in the morning. This session was better than the previous, which resulted in me not being able to move for three days. Diligently ploughing away at work the week was coming to a close. A few choices started to present themselves for the night ahead:

- Go out with Dany for drinks in Shoreditch
- A house party in Battersea
- Drinks with old work colleagues

Out the door at 5.30pm I headed down to Clapham South to have those drinks with Marie, Georgie and Brian and catch up on old work gossip. The usual bitching session about things ensued and at 10pm it was off to the house party. The only problem I had was that I couldn’t remember the girl that invited me to the night. So after making some calls from outside the house for 15 minutes, I found out who was in there that I knew. Striding in confidentially I made a be-line for the people I knew and I was fine… until the host came up to talk to me and it was abundantly obvious I had no idea who she was.

Jumping on Longey’s coat tails I ended up jumping around to several house parties in the area until finding my way home at 7am. So much for the quiet night before the train ride to Cambridge.


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