Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 29, 30 & 31: The end is nigh!

Well, it’s coming to end of this four week stupidity that I called 31 blogs in 31 days, and I’m pretty tired of it all. So with that in mind, I’m going to give you a quick run down of the past four days in one hit so I can get out of here.

Monday – recovering from the weekend, got out of bed early, went for a morning run and off to work. Drinks after work and Rocky 3 was on. Coomba and I watched it and decided we were going to take up boxing training. We haven't spoken of it since.

Tuesday – Gym first thing. In to work early for a press conference that went off with out a hitch. Tuesday night I was due to have a drink with an old Uni friend, Sarah Obst, who was in town for a few days, but she decided to spend an extra night in Paris, so that was out. Football training in a storm of biblical proportions and then steak club!! Numbers at steak club are getting a little ridiculous. What started with four became six and is now 11, with more wanting in. Home late with a few bevies under the belt and off to bed.

Wednesday – Morning run, work, cocktail party. The final documents came through from Aus for my visa, so now I can lodge my application for the Highly Skilled. Basically, when I get this it gives me another year in the UK if I want it, and then they check to see if everything is peachy, and after that you’ve got four more years. Basically it gives you the freedom to leave when you want as opposed to being kicked out. So mid-afternoon I ran down to send it all off. That evening I ended up going to a City of London financial executives cocktail party. Interesting evening was had; however, I spent most of my evening talking foreign politics with the Russian Consular General, sipping fine wine and feeling very haughty taughty. That was until I left, stumbled to the tube, fell asleep on someone’s shoulder looking all so classy. Why should I pretend?

Thursday – Gym in the morning to sculpt my guns!! After being away from the gym for about three months and getting back in to it for the past two weeks, I’ve finally passed that crucial point where I don’t lament getting up questioning the logic in picking up something really heavy (well not that heavy because I’m a pussy) only to put it back down with out moving it anywhere?? Then off to work. My last day in the office today until Tuesday, so things were hectic. Off to another drinks/party in the city for about an hour. Leaving that it was back home, changed, sandwich on the way out and across to The Alex to meet all the boys for team selection. With nothing to do on Friday except catch a plane, the night finished up at 2am.

So that’s it. As you can see the last few days after doing this for a month have been done without much enthusiasm, but I feel I've let you see a basic month.

That’s it, I’m off to Slovenia. See you around.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Luke said...

why must you lie? no one actually believes that you get up early in the morning to exercise

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Beef said...

Not only that, but he isn't actually living in London - he got kicked out 6 months ago.

He's been sitting in an internet Cafe in Saint Kilda for the last 31 days.

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reading this in a Slovenian internet cafe, and your names are Luke pravi and Beef pravi. If you don't believe I'm in Central Europe a few random key strokes should prove it. Where else can I type: čććĆČŠš. Bart


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